Lamborghini AL1 Electric Scooter -White


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The stylish Lamborghini AL1 electric scooter in white is the ultimate scooter for usability. Built from an entirely-magnesium frame, lightness and easy steering is ensured. With three modes to choose from, including eco and sport, you can range from 6km/h to 25km/h in one journey. To keep up to date with your scooter statistics with the AL1 user App, where you can monitor vehicle usage, set cruise parameters and adjust the lights.

Minimal Maintenance

As well as being easy to ride, the AL1 electric scooter also requires very little maintenance. The honeycomb wheels are tubeless without risk of puncture, making them a comfortable ride. Combine this with a front suspension and the unevenness of the road can’t be felt by the rider because all vibrations are absorbed.

The Lamborghini electric scooter is fitted with a 350W brushless motor, delivering extremely silent technology with a very low level of wear and consequently requires minimal maintenance. This powerful motor also means it has excellent performance at different speeds.


When riding an electric scooter is paramount. The Lamborghini AL1 covers all bases with its front electric brake and mechanical rear brake. Coupled up with lighting, under the footboard you can be seen night and day. For your own peace of mind, the smart display shows your speed and how much battery power you have left, so you are never stopped mid journey.


Magnesium alloy
8” front and rear honeycomb wheels
Front electric brake and mechanical rear brake
ECO: <= 6km/h | D: <= 20km/h | S: <= 25km/h (max speed)
350W brushless
36V 7.8Ah 280Wh
3/5 hours
Smart display with speed, distance, battery power, errors
25-30km (may vary)
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