Electric Scooter Repair in Surrey

Electric scooters are an affordable and green alternative to regular transportation. Using batteries as a power source, they offer prompt and convenient commutes in congested areas. When used regularly, your electric scooter will encounter its fair share of bumps and scrapes, demanding immediate attention and repair. You must get it repaired by professional mechanics to maintain its functionality.

Get in touch with Eco Wheelz for electric scooter repair in Surrey. We have a team of skilled and professional technicians to fix your electric scooter. From minor control board issues to complex mechanical problems, our trained mechanics can fix any e-scooter error.

Electric Scooter Problems We Fix

At Eco Wheelz, our team is well-versed in fixing any electric scooter problem, including:

Mechanical Errors

These errors result from damage to any mechanical part or improper electric scooter maintenance. They are:

  • Wobbly wheels
  • The scooter is slowing down or stopping
  • Misaligned handlebar
  • Non-functional folding mechanism
  • Failure to start

Electrical Issues

Electric parts of your scooter can get damaged due to continuous use in bad weather. Common problems associated with them are:

  • Dead battery
  • Low battery timing
  • Improper functioning of controls
  • Loose or faulty wiring
  • Blown fuses

Flat Tyres

Leaky valves or punctures are the primary reason behind a flat tyre. Improper fitting can also lead to flat tyres.

We can inspect and fix any hidden damage or problems with your e-scooter or carry out efficient electric scooter servicing.

Charging Problems

Charging is the primary element that keeps your scooter functional. Several charging problems include:

  • Defective charger
  • Loose or faulty charging port
  • Battery not charging


Batteries or motors may start overheating due to various reasons. It often happens when you ride an e-scooter in scorching weather. Overloading or electrical issues can also result in overheating. If left unnoticed, overheating can irreversibly damage your bike.

Brake Problems

Brake problems are a significant concern as they can risk your safety when travelling. E-scooter brakes can become non-functional for various reasons, such as loose cables or worn-out brake pads.

Get A Quote

Enhance your electric scooter’s performance with Eco Wheelz’s top-notch electric scooter controller. We offer a free delivery option for a specific range of orders. Call us today for a quote.

How We Repair Your Electric Scooter

We provide comprehensive electric scooter repair services in Surrey to accommodate your requirements. Our experts follow a series of steps to repair your e-scooter.

  • They start with inspecting your scooter to find the issue.
  • Once they find the root of the problem, they disassemble your scooter (if needed) and fix it using the right tools and techniques.
  • They lubricate the folding mechanism, wheel bearing and other moving parts of your e-scooter to maintain their optimal functionality.
  • Our mechanics will test the repair using the right tool, especially electrical repairs, and assemble it.
  • They will let you test drive the e-scooter to ensure your satisfaction.
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Why Select Eco Wheelz?

  • An experienced company providing prompt yet efficient repair services near you.
  • Highly trained technicians to repair and maintain any e-scooter or bike.
  • A 6-month warranty on repair services and the parts of the e-scooter we replace.
  • Offering same-day repair services, promptly getting you back on the road.


Professional mechanics and technicians can do this job. Eco Wheelz houses highly trained mechanics to repair any e-scooter or bike.

It depends upon the job’s complexity. We aim to promptly repair your e-scooter to get you back on the road. Our technicians complete 70% of the electric scooter repairs in Surrey within 4 days.

Repair costs may vary based on the nature of the repairs your scooter needs. Eco Wheelz provides all repair services at affordable and transparent rates. You can ask for a cost estimation to know the charges upfront.