ENGWE X26 1200W(PEAK) Fat Foldable E-Bike 19.2Ah 50km/h 120km



Go off-road, then crush your commute, with the X26 – an all-terrain performance beast with the power of 1200 watts(peak), a dual battery system and triple shock suspensions.

Motorcycle-grade fat tires make easy work of potholes, snow, or sand. And when you’re not maxing out its 31 MPH top speed, you can fold the X26 neatly into the trunk of your car for extended countryside jaunts.

A 1000W motor. More horsepower for your steepest climbs. While other eBike motors put out as little as 500W, the X26 offers steady and reliable power at 1200W (Peak Power), and can push out a monstrous 1200W when you find yourself facing extreme terrains. That gives you the comfort to glide over sand and gravel without stop and deal with mud and mountains with ease.

The power to climb 30% inclines. The X26’s 1200W (Peak)motor pushes it up hills just like they were flat ground. With more power than almost any other eBike available, the X26 lets you climb steep city hills or gravel slopes faster.

Give rides a speed boost. The X26’s 1200W(peak) motor gives it a 31MPH top speed, beating other eBikes that only reach 20-30MPH. That means you can cut time on your commutes and fly faster on the trails. Go from A to Z faster, no matter your road.

With a maximum 62 mile ride range, the X26 is built to push the limits on every charge, giving you 1.5 times the range of other eBikes that max out at 25 to 45 miles. That’s an entire week of commuting for most people on just one or two charges per week, while you can enjoy your off-road activity days without worrying where your next charge will come from.

A dual-battery system charges your ride with a whopping 1373 Wh of power, with improved ride time to give you more miles of scenery and more time on the trails.

The main battery gives you a full 48 miles, while a second swappable battery adds another 14 miles to your trip. That’s a full day of riding without ever stopping for a top up.

Hitting unexpected bumps at 31MPH on single-shock eBikes can ruin your ride, that’s why the ENGWE X26 comes with the triple shock suspension system, integrated with the solid fat tires for the maximum robust and exciting ride.

X26 is equipped with a triple shock system extending from its front hydraulic shock, and middle mechanical shock to the rear air shock, which excels X26 from other e-bikes at 3 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal e-bikes.

Most eBike wheels can’t handle the triple threat of gravel, potholes and rocky terrain at high speeds, so you end up swapping tires every month – and paying a fortune. The X26 is built to bypass that, saving you on tires and saving every ride.

We designed the ENGWE X26 with integrated one-piece wheels that combine spoke and frame, for ultimate stability while fighting compression better than other eBike wheels.

Then we wrap the wheels in motorcycle-grade fat tires that give you a larger contact area, gripping the ground with a hug only the best rubber can give. They’re skid resistant and built for better ration, giving you total control over the elements for tighter turns and faster stops on the toughest terrain.

The sun is shining, the trail is smooth, the path is clear. Want to lean back, relax, and feel the wind in your hair? Now you can — with ENGWE X26 cruise control mode. It kicks in whenever your speed is stable, and takes over to keep your ride at a consistent speed for 3 to 5 seconds without you pushing the pedal. So you can ease off the accelerator, extend your battery life, and enjoy the ride.

Sports Mode: Great for climbing hills, higher speeds, and a more intense workout, with top speeds of 31mph.

Normal Mode: The sweet spot for daily commutes and regular workouts, with speeds up to 29mph

Assist Mode: Take it easy across flat roads and open terrain, by coasting at up to 25mph.

Finding the right gear is easier when you’ve got 8 to choose from. The ENGWE X26 uses the latest gear cassettes from Shimano — a brand known for its close-ratio engineering. That means whether you’re climbing a hill or flatland cruising, there’s a sweet spot to help you save energy and find your stride as you ride off into the sunset.

A good set of brakes can save your life. The hydraulic disc brakes for both the front brake and rear brake help you stop comfortably on a dime for increased safety and peace of mind. That means a whole new level of control whether you’re zipping through urban traffic or down muddy country lanes.

The X26 features a 48V 12W headlights that automatically switch on when it gets dark. And it’s got your back too, with powerful red brake lights that alert drivers and riders when you’re up ahead. It’s a system designed to keep you safe no matter what time of day you ride.

There’s no time to scroll menus when you’re weaving between buses. The ENGWE X26 comes with a large, full-color LCD screen that puts all the data you need front and center. It gives you everything you need at a glance — from speed, to riding mode, battery life, and more.

The X26 is made of wear-resistant material that keeps its shine even when you push it through the dirt. It’s unisex build is designed for anyone to ride, and looks right at home on city streets or gritty trails.

And when you’re not cycling, the bike’s lightweight aluminum frame can be folded up and packed away — saving on storage or fitting neatly into your trunk for road trips to the country. Because with a ride this smooth, the last thing we would skimp on is the details.

The X26 was built from nose to tail with comfort and style in mind. Alight and tough alloy frame is built to take anywhere. The premium leather seat is comfortable and adjustable, and the 80mm alloy riding pedals keep your feet right where they’re supposed to be.

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