Ducati Pro 3 E-Scooter


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RO-III is the most technically advanced scooter in the Ducati Urban e-mobility line, thanks to the connection to the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App and the use of the innovative NFC technology.


The e-scooter is equipped with a token that allows you to start the scooter simply by bringing it close to the display, allowing the use of the vehicle only to the owner in possession of the chip.

PRO-III is powered by a 350W brushless motor capable of providing 515W of peak power and a 468Wh enhanced battery, that guarantees great autonomy covering up to 50 km with a single charge.

The wide 3.2” LED display allows easy monitoring and managing of all functions, including choosing between the four riding modes (6, 15, 20, 25 km/h). The e-scooter’s display is equipped with a USB port that allows you to recharge the smartphone or other devices while in use.



Cover up to 50Km thanks to the 350W brushless motor (peak power 515W) and the enhanced 468Wh battery. Enjoy full stability and comfort with the 10″ tubeless tyres.

FRAME magnesium alloy
MOTOR 350W, Peak Power 515W
BATTERY 36V, 13.0Ah, 468Wh
WHEELS 10″ tubeless front and rear tyres
BRAKES Double front and rear disc brake, with KERS
DISPLAY 3.2″ LED display, with USB plug
TRAVEL up to 50km (may vary depending on rider’s weight, street conditions, temperature etc.)
CHARGING TIME around 9 hours
SPEED L1: 6km/h | L2: 15km/h | L3: 20km/h | L4: 25km/h (max speed)*
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