Himiway Cobra Electric Bikes


Long Range Softail Electric Mountain Bike

The 1st Long Range Super Fat Tire Softtail E-bike On The Market

Smoothest Ride On The Mountain.

Battery (Samsung) 48v 20ah Range 60-80mi
Motor 250w Geared Hub Tire 26″ X 4.8″
Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake Suspension Four-Bar Linkage
Payload Capacity 400lbs Derailleur 7-Speed Shimano
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The electric bike is becoming the first choice of a range of people worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly features. Eco Wheelz also boasts the electric bike market in the UK, offering a diverse range of electric bikes for sale.

If you are a mountain cycling enthusiast looking for an alternative to your traditional bike, our Himiway Cobra electric mountain bike is the best choice. With a reasonable price tag, starting at £1,399, you can get the most advanced and reliable mountain bike that will be your companion in mountain adventures for a long time.

What advanced features are included in the Himiway Cobra electric bike?

We will take a deep dive into the specs of the Himiway Cobra bike to understand better why you need one for your adventures.

Alloy frame: The bike’s backbone is a lightweight aluminium frame designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and performance. Sturdy yet light, it delivers a smooth ride across various terrains.

Power: Our Himiway Cobra has a 750W motor installed in the rear wheel’s hub, with a torque of 86Nm. This Class 3 bike lets you rule open roads and urban developments, providing full control over your speed and the opportunity to change the ride settings according to your needs and surroundings.

Speed: Offering a speed of around 15.5mph with pedal assist, it is equipped with various pedal assist levels to be tuned according to your requirements.

Suspension: It comes with a rear four-bar linkage suspension technology to provide a comfortable ride, and the front fork suspension ensures a smooth ride on rough terrains.

Hydrodynamics: Balanced hydrodynamics can be experienced on your first ride on the bike. The sensitive pedal assists, up to seven gear shifts, and 26-inch fat tyres make it an ideal choice for every terrain.


Is Himiway Cobra in the UK waterproof?

Himiway Cobra bikes are water resistant but not waterproof. It can be soaked in rain for a short time but can cause problems if it remains for a long time in rain or in contact with water.

How much time does it take to charge a Himiway Cobra bike?

You will be pleased to know that it takes less time as compared to other electric bikes. A typical electric bike will take six to seven hours for a full charge, while the Himiway Cobra bike takes around 4 hours.

What is the battery capacity of the Himiway Cobra bike?

Himiway Cobra electric bikes are equipped with a 48V 20Ah (960Wh) battery. Though the single charging range depends on the terrain, the average range on a single charge is around 70 to 80 miles.

Does the motor in a Himiway Cobra bike produce noise?

The brushless motor at the rear wheel of the Himiway Cobra electric bike is designed to run smoothly and without noise on every terrain. This feature is vital if you are using your electric bike for hunting purposes.

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